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Screen Fraiche

By breadbitten10-06-2013

I love South Park you see, probably a bit too much for anyone's good. I often pretend that the world was just as much un-PC as that of South Park's and just go about offending people every which way. I was hoping that with the release of Obsidian's upcoming South Park RPG, The Stick of Truth, I can finally live my dream of f***ing about in a world desensitized to EVERYTHING, and lay rest to those unhealthy tendencies of mine. For a while it seemed like the game was doomed to being scrapped, but after certain interesting developments, hope was restored.

Well that hope is now reinforced as Ubisoft just released a fresh batch of screenshots and present scenarios that are quintessential South Park! From a kid taking a rather painful looking dump while wearing a Scouter, to funny-looking aliens preparing to probe a poor child and some fat kid with a wizard's hat on farting what appears to be some kind of yellow, warm, and potentially harmful, form of energy.

The game still doesn't have a specific release date other than a tentative '2013', but I pray to Cthulhu it comes out soon.

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