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Scary Intel Rumours on the Interwebs

By NeonAnderson30-11-2012

As discovered by PC Gamer, there is supposedly a leaked Intel CPU blueprint going around the internet.

So, what is the big deal then? Apparently, this design would have the CPU soldered down onto the motherboard. What remains to be seen however, is what the nature of this CPU is, is it for laptops? Is it for desktops? Is it for mobile devices? It is hard to tell at this point of time what is pure speculation and what is reliable rumours.

Internet rumours can often spiral out of control and it is probably best not to get too worried just yet as there are many European laws and business partnership restrictions that would prevent any such CPU for the desktop PC from being sold. This would also cause some serious problems for Intel in terms of logistical aspects. Who would build these motherboard-CPU combos? Intel or for example MSI, Asus, etc...?

As such, I am very sceptical of this rumour, as it would be illegal to be sold as a separate hardware part within the European Union, not to mention the issue of manufacturing and business partnerships.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this below.


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