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SC2 Players Can Now Change Their Names

By siegarettes13-01-2013

Falling back on their promise to let StarCraft 2 players buy a name change, Blizzard is now apologizing for it by allowing current players one free name change. In their statement regarding the name change Blizzard had this to say:

"The small percentage of players who used the free name changes that we previously offered, the introduction of Battle.net Battle Tags, careful consideration of how character names will work with Battle Tags in the future, and our increasing focus on completing StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm all contributed to us deprioritizing the Paid Character Name Change feature. The fact that we didn't keep you updated when we deprioritized the feature was a mistake, and we aim to do a much better job of keeping you informed in the future."

The new unlimited (but paid for) name change feature will now be available shortly after the release of Heart of the Swarm.

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