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SC Universe Wants Your Money

By JcDent08-09-2013

StarCraft Universe is a fan built MMO that's made around the core of StarCraft II. And now they need money for their project with the aid a Kickstater campaign. So, in an effort to appease the masses, they made this end game raid demo.

As you can see in the video, the game looks quite swanky for something made on an RTS engine (a very good looking RTS engine). In the raid, we see changing terrain, boss abilities, Body Drag ability that should be implemented for all the medics in multiplayer games and stuff like that. Yes, it looks like you're fighting in greenish Tron world. On the other hand, the boss attacks are nicely telegraphed and you even get to drive mechs.

Also, let us not forget that it's a bleedin' MMO being built on an RTS engine. That takes guts!

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