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Save the Trees

By Bobfish06-08-2013

This has to be amongst the most unique Kickstarters I've yet seen. Showing, yet again, that the Indie scene is where the true creativity is. Last Jungle in Sector 17 isn't even a game, not yet, not even in Alpha. Yet there's already a demo. Now how's that for dedication? None of these vague promises of things that might be involved, plans for what they want to do.

It's right there, in pre-Alpha form, but right there for you to try it out. Right now. Which I already did, and give it a hearty recommendation. You are the pilot of a ship defending a space station which, as the title suggests, contains the last surviving jungle in Sector 17. That's right, a jungle floating in space! And the music, oh my, the music is absolutely superb! We were actually contacted about this directly by one half of the two man development team. Who had the following to say.

"We are a two man international team, Lennart Rikk from Estonia as designer and animator and Tariq Makled from US as programmer. There are some smaller games we both have worked on before, but Last Jungle In Sector 17 is our first true step into the indie scene, which we never imagined to be so tough.

About 6 years ago we met on the actionscript.org forums and started exchanging code and creating silly game prototypes. After some time we created a prototype for a boids based space shooter game which later became the Last Jungle In Sector 17. There were huge holes in the development process for many personal reasons, but we kept at it. Me next to work and Tariq next to school. It was our little hobby project, I learnt a lot about design and drawing while Tariq got to sharpen his programming skills."

Check out the video above for more information and click on through to their Kickstarter page. It has some of the most interesting reward Tiers you're ever likely to see. Including, for one lucky backer, the authority to name the player's ship! That's a lot of control to give away. The game is currently woefully underexposed and is well deserving of any atteniton it can get. Lennart and Tariq are asking for a very smal $5000 and it saddens me to see them struggling to reach that target, whilst others have been overfunded to the tune of millions of dollars. Dig deep people. And don't forget to thumb them up on Greenlight.

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It was my pleasure :)

You've already done a superb job

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Thank you for this too generous article Bobfish.