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Savage Lands is Day Z With Dragons

By drcoolio34519-01-2015

Day Z, War Z, H1Z1, all open world MMO-type games with crafting mechanics with a focus on zombies, but as we all know, zombies have been done to death (pun 100% intended), now it's time for dragons!

Who wants walking corpses when you can have giant fire breathing reptiles flying through sky, orcs, and hit things with heavy metal objects? High fantasy is where the action is, and Signal Studios gets that. Sporting a high fantasy theme with all the open world-ness and crafting mechanics that include weapons and shelter, Signal Studios and DigitalDNA are in the process of making Savage Lands.

"This first person, open world survival game takes you deep into a giant fantasy world where you will face vicious creatures and scavenge resources to build shelter and craft a wide array of unique armor and weapons just to survive."

Savage Lands is coming to Steam Early Access this February, but you can sign up for an early alpha here if you're too excited to wait. Happy dragon hunting!

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Man that looks pretty.

inb4 "zomg! Skyrim MMO!"