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Satellite Reign Shows Engine Off

By MrJenssen23-07-2013

The end is nigh for the promising-looking Kickstarter campaign of spiritual Syndicate successor, Satellite Reign. With quite a bit to go still, developer 5 Lives Studios only has five days to pull it off, and somehow find £50.000 more to beat the clock. I've been paying attention to the project closely - as the old Syndicate stood me close during my early childhood gaming escapades - and during the last few days, they've reeled in the slack pretty far. I'm impressed.

5 Lives are definitely trying, that's for sure. This new engine show-off, as posted in their 26th update on the project's page, is a testament to their devotion. It looks cool as hell, too, and real faithful to the universe Bullfrog built up in the 90s. But will this video be enough to win folks over? Will the £50k just come flying in over the next few days? I really, really hope so.

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I'm very excited for this game. I haven't played any of the Syndicate games, but I wonder how they hold up nowadays.