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Satellite Reign Coming To Take Control Of Your District Soon

By WskOsc18-08-2015

Satellite Reign has been in development for quite a while and has grown immensely in its time on Early Access, going from buggy tech demo/prototype to emerging game to flat out fun. Satellite Reign is a dream come true for fans of the classic Syndicate games as it features an isometric style viewpoint, four agents under your command and all the cyberpunk jargon you can shake a credstick at.

I've been playing it since the earliest backer builds and it's well worth a look for fans of the Syndicate games, though there's plenty there for RTS (think Dawn Of War 2) and action-RPG fans to sink their teeth into. So grab a random civilian, whisk them away to your cloning labs and get yourself a fresh morph before we run into the bakebrain cyberscum on August 28th when the game will be released on GOG (no price yet), Humble Store (currently £19.99), and Steam (£22.99 currently.)

Stay tuned for more as we get it.

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