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Sandbox Full Of Living Dead

By Kelevandos15-04-2013

Do you like sandbox games? And what about some zombies, those are also nice, eh? So, what would you say if I told you that an open-world, real-time developing, zombie-apocalyptic game is under development at Undead Labs studio?

Its name is State of Decay. You are one of the few survivors of the apocalypse and now, sometime after the outbreak, you have to think about what to do next. This concept is what differentiates State of Decay from other titles with our beloved undead creeps – rather than playing a campaign leading to escape from the infected area, our hero facing his destiny and slaying hordes of undead.

We will need to build shelters, plunder shops, gather other escapees and live as long as possible. The developers promise an all-time-evolving world typical to sandboxes and an infinite amount of decisions to make. The whole thing looks amazing...maybe except the visuals. But let's face it, it is not graphics that we want in such games, is it?

State of Decay will be out in June for PC and Xbox. We will keep you informed but in the meantime tell us what you think about the idea of a zombie sandbox!

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It certainly has my interest. It looks like a mix between warz and dead rising. But somehow they've made that mix look good!