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Sanctum Lumes

By Bobfish27-06-2013

The Road to Elysion is paved with a batshit insane 80s throwback commercial. Where the previous DLC teaser for Sanctum 2 was...cryptic at best, Coffee Stain have made it quite clear this will not be a repeating theme. Featuring a new character with a freaking handheld ballista! New maps and new gadgets, and all crammed into a single 3.5 floppy! The Road to Elysion is already available via Steam,  for measly £2.99/$3.99. That's a fairly significant whack of content to be fair. Though it seems far less peaceful than it's correctly spelled namesake.

Go figure.

But the real question...will those action figures be made available for purchase as well? I mean, they went to the trouble of having them made, so it would be a shame to let them go to waste. You don't think..?

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I want those toys!

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Downright hilarious, nothing short of that :D