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Sanctum 2 Teased

By MrJenssen13-03-2013

Sanctum was one of the first games to combine the tower defence genre with actual player participation down in the trenches and on the (surprisingly tidy) battlefields. It had towers, it had first person shooting, it had co-op and it had tons of odd enemies willing to follow your maze and endure your constant fire just for the chance to get a little nibble at your precious core. It was awesome.

A sequel has been in the works for over a year. Now Coffee Stain Studios have released a short teaser for the sequel, cleverly titled Sanctum 2. But don't get your hopes up, just because the game has been in development for a year doesn't mean you're guaranteed to see much gameplay in the trailer.

In addition, I've done some snooping and found out that one track from the soundtrack has been uploaded to the composer Leonard Hummer's SoundCloud page. Okay, maybe it didn't require all that much detective work from me. I just found it in the YouTube comment from Coffee Stain. Anyway, Rocky Fields, the song is called.

Were you one of the many who picked Sanctum up? If so, are you looking forward to the sequel? I sure know me and my friends are!

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Posts: 1548

Agreed. Now give us a proper trailer.

Posts: 596

very excited for this one!