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Sanctum 2 DLC Released

By MrJenssen11-09-2013

Sanctum 2 is a damn fun game. And being a successor to the original first person tower defense game Sanctum, it comes as no surprise that there's paid DLC on the way, on a regular basis for the sequel as well. So what does it include? Well, the description of the YouTube video sums it up quite nicely.

- Four new maps!

- Rank Cap increased by 5!

- Two new weapons, the visceral melee Circle Saw that will rip apart your enemies, and the Nail Gun that can either fire large nails, or set up nail traps!

- Two new towers, the random Makeshift Tower that sometimes crits and sometimes turns itself off, and the Rupture trap dispenser that lets you set up bear traps that bleed your enemies out!

- Two new enemies, the Jumper and the Infected Explorer, a hybrid between a human and a walker!

- SEVEN new perks, including the THOR MODULE that causes a tower to emit a shockwave whenever it kills an enemy!

Great, they did my job for me. So, four new maps, two new enemies, two new hand-weapons and stationary "tower" weapons, new perks and a level-cap increase. All for the price of €3.99, minus €10. Wait, what? A DLC with this much content, NOT overpriced? Apparently! The DLC is set to release.... already. Yep, you can go get it on Steam right now if you want.

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