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Sanctum 2 Arrives May 15

By MrJenssen10-05-2013

Coffee Stain Studios have just released another gameplay trailer for its long awaited FPS/Tower Defense hybrid - Sanctum 2. Those who played the original game will notice a few differences. The blocks upon which you build towers are now much smaller, making it possible to jump on top of one without having to seek a teleporter. Like last time a gameplay trailer was shown, the shooter part here looks a lot more robust than it did in the first game. Not only are there more weapons available, but the way they handle can be compared to proper shooters, whereas the gunplay of the original came second to the actual tower construction and placement.

At the end of the trailer, you can see the announced release date for Sanctum 2. It's May 15. Wait...as in, the coming Wednesday? Yep! Coffee Stain sure aren't messing around with any bloated marketing campaigns. Just an awesome game with... some free pre-order bonuses.

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Hell to the yes... PRE-ORDER TIME!!!!