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Sam's Got Your Back

By Bobfish14-06-2013

And Riggs has Sam's. A new Ubiblog has surfaced around the controversial co-operative gameplay features in the rapidly approaching Splinter Cell:Blacklist. We've already covered this quite extensively, during which yours truly has made no secret of my support for not only the game, but the co-op in particular. I'm sure that most, if not all, of you have already firmly thrown in, one way or the other, already. If you don't want it, chances are nothing will change your mind at this stage.

But I encourage you to take a look at the blog regardless. It's fairly light on fine detail, but provides an efficient overview of the general flow. Giving a rough rundown of two different maps, Missles Plant and Hacker's Den, as well as pre-game loadout. All told from the point of view of someone playing the game, because, as is clearly evident, that's how it took place. A short play session written up as though by you or I. Is it enough to change your mind? Did you need to even be won over in the first place? Let us know, after giving the blog a look, in the comments below.

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