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Samformers: Blacklist Stabbed in Eye

By Bobfish18-07-2013

Yet another trailer has been recently declassified by the No Such Agency, featuring some live action 'news reports' and in game badassery by our boy Sam. Samassery? Badsammery? You decide on that one. Whichever you go with, I'm sure you have all noticed that the advertising has gone a bit mental lately. With what feels like a new trailer every other day for the last few weeks. But since Blacklist is due to begin is campaign of douchebaggery all over our TVs and computer monitors in barely a month's time, it isn't all that surprising really.

It's also worth bearing in mind, until E3 all we previously had in the way of in game footage was dev diaries showcasing various gameplay mechanics, such as the much maligned co-op mode. Specific details regarding the nitty gritty of the plot and greater narrative were sketchy at best. I though the Blacklist was some kind of US government assassination list to be honest. With the final hour rapidly approaching, Ubisoft are just upping their game to create as much of a stir as possible.

That's what marketing is, after all. It is solely aimed at grabbing your attention and making x product look like the greatest thing in the world ever. So the real question, are you sold yet? Have the changes pushed you away forever, have they drawn you in further, are you still on the fence unsure what to make of it? Well, check out the latest 'Transformation' trailer (above) and see ifn' that can't help cement your viewpoint. I know I'll be buying it, so consider this a job posting as well. I need my backup man, who's game?

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Posts: 3290

My problem is that he sounds too young. Sam's pushing sixty now, why does he sound my age?

Posts: 124

It's frickin' ridiculous! The character sounds NOTHING like Sam Fisher! And I'm not just talking about his voice, his lines sound nothing like something Sam Fisher would say. I still think this is some sort of elaborate hoax on Ubi's end, the real Sam Fisher is somewhere having a smoke complaining about how goddamn stupid his decoy sounds.

Posts: 1548

I still cant get over the VO actor change. O want Ironside :(

Posts: 124

Remember when Splinter Cell was dark but still funny? Yeah...