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Sam Unloads in Your Ass?!

By Bobfish20-08-2013

No, seriously. Jump to 1:05 in the above video and you'll see a dude take, like, six bullets right up his poop shoot. Certainly one of the more bizarre ways to celebrate the critical acclaim Splinter Cell: Blacklist has received. Maybe it's a deep, subtle social commentary on how the media takes the developers of the video game industry, bends them over the desk backwards and...I'm going to stop that train of thought right there.


Clearly capitalising on the success of both this, and their previously much applauded Watch Dogs. Which actually seems to be rated more highly at the moment. Though as that will not see press until later in the year, that doesn't say too much. Anticipation often builds a greater desire than the actuality. Having said that, Blacklist has still received a great deal of praise despite it's rocky beginnings, and Ubisoft are celebrating that fact.

Rightly so, wouldn't you agree?

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Not just one either

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Hehe an ass shot :P