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Sam Fisher, Action Hero

By RubyStreams26-09-2012

Love it or hate it, Splinter Cell is changing and those changes are quite evident in this new trailer for the next instalment in the Splinter Cell series, Splinter Cell Blacklist.

The official 'Fifth Freedom' trailer shows off more of the action oriented style of play we've been shown already, with sprinkles of stealth thrown in for good measure, or maybe nostalgia.

Fans have been quite vocal about this new approach to Splinter Cell, but, how do you feel about it? The game won't hit shelves until sometime next year, but in the meantime, share your thoughts below in the comments.

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As a series that I can claim to have grown up with and constantly praised as one of my favourites I already thought that Conviction may well be the game's "coffin" and, sure enough, this game looks set to seal it shut. What I see being brought up the most by people excited about this is that stealth still exists and you can use it throughout the game but they are entirely missing the point. Not only is this series' focus the stealth gameplay in the first place but what stealth remains looks pathetically dumbed down when you have a new vision for your goggles that lets you see through solid walls - seemingly at all times no less - whilst the A.I. looks to have lost all peripheral vision and hearing. As to these action-focused trailers, again: where exists the challenge any longer? Using gun play in the older titles was a fun option when you didn't feel like stealthing because it wasn't particularly easy yet what I've been seeing here is ridiculously so. And, as if to decorate the shit that's being produced, there's no Michael Ironside? Seriously; what the fuck is going on here?