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Salamander Hulk Ascension

By Bis18marck7011-02-2015

So when Space Hulk: Ascension came out, I criticized the fact that no interesting chapter made the cut in the release title. Looking at the stats, they seemed generic and not a lot of diversity was given. The DLC pack including the Imperial Fists changed that somewhat, although you'd have to pay extra dough for that.

Now, with the Space Hulk: Ascension – Drown them in Flames DLC pack, the Salamanders join the fray. Now that's a peculiar choice. Hardly featured in any Warhammer 40k game, this first founding Space Marine Chapter specializes in fire. That's right, the stuff that burns Tyranids nice and crisp. Got to say, even though I have a strong Dark Angels bias, the Salamanders sound like a great choice not only due to their ability to have two heavy flamers per squad, but also because they like walking through the pyrotechnic antics they produce. That's right, first they light everything up, and then they just stand in the flames like bosses as the world burns around them.

Bringing a new campaign of 20 story missions and 20 flash missions, Drown them in Flames will be available this February. I do hope it's worth it.

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