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Saints UK

By Bobfish28-06-2013

So E3 is over and done with, well behind us (thank the Gods!) for another year, and a fading, fuzzy warm memory of awesomeness. But it's not ready to fade entirely into obscurity yet. One more snippet of Saints Row just rolled out. Bear with it for a few minutes though, the early parts of the above video show nothing new from what we've already covered. But the latter half does add some new, finer, details about the way the game's 'super powers' will work.

Spolier: They're awesome.

The timing of this, so soon after the kerfuffle about Saints IV being denied classification in Australia is totally not suspicious at all. However, regarding that, we can now reveal the complaints arose from scenes involving anal probing. It seems that's something of a taboo down under. But here's the thing. This is about aliens dude. Aliens! Anal probes are their shtick. How can you consider that out of context?

Eh, fuck Pierce.

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@Stunt: Ohh sailor, I didn't know you were like that ;)

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