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Saints Row Welcomes Modding

By Mokman17-06-2013

It seems that Saints Row has been continuously courting the PC crowd, a phenomenon that is relatively new to the community as what was previously seen as a mostly console-exclusive game now reaching out to the PC. While this is being repeated all over with games from all genres, Saints Row 4 is now taking one step further by appealing to what is arguably the holy grail of PC gaming - mod support.

Developer Volition has announced that they are giving their support to the modding community through a series of "tools" and "documentation", as well as eventually promising a "full sdk" for the third and fourth games. One thing you have to admit, they do know how to capture an audience, even apart from the crazy overblown stunts and the mad humour. In a statement from Volition, they have this to say:

"So, what does this actually mean to the average Saints Row player? In simple terms, the modding community will finally be able to create and offer new clothing, new vehicles, new guns, new npcs, new missions, and even new world geometry which will greatly extend the life of the series and enhance the Saints Row games in ways we never even dared to dream of."

Do I want this? Hell yes.

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Posts: 123

The possibilities are endless. This is going to be awesome!

Posts: 124

Frickin' finally!