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Saints Row: The Musical

By Doubleplus05-12-2014

I've always had a fondness for musicals and I've always liked the Saints Row series, but Musical Saints Row? Absolute insanity. Yes, apparently the expansion for SRIV, Gat out of Hell, will feature full musical numbers starring Satan, his daughter Jezebel, Kinzie and Gat himself. Being that Gat is... well... himself, of course he's singing about shooting Satan in the face. Not really any gameplay shown in this trailer, but it's still interesting nonetheless. As for Gat out of Hell itself? Well, I'm still cautiously optimistic about it. I mean Saints Row IV was about as "expansion pack" as you could get, and an expansion pack to THAT? Might be fun, but they will have to change A LOT to make it fresh again, which they seem to have done.

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Needs more Kinzie