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Saints Row 4 Returns for Australians

By Toast03-07-2013

Recently, Saints Row 4 had been declined for release in Australia due to sexual violence and drug usage themes, among other things, which became the first ever game to be banned by Australia's new R18+ rating system. Even though the Australian ratings board didn't elaborate on anything apart from the alien probe suggesting sexual violence, they still declined to rate it and ban it in the current form. This resulted in Volition immediately telling its down under fan base that it will rework the game's code in order for it to be fit for release.

Nearly a week after the scenario, a low violence version has appeared on the Australian Steam store suggesting that it will finally get a release alongside the other worldwide releases, although with censorship on a number of things which remains unclear at this point, although it seems rather weird why they'd go through with the bother in the first place!

The release schedule seems to be on track for 22nd of August for the most, but it remains unclear if the Aussies will get their version later or around the same time, the store page suggests the same time, although this is subject to change. So what do you guys think about the decision? Any guesses as to other reasons for it being banned? Guess away below!

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Posts: 207

Loving the new pic that appeared today.....

Posts: 3290

Or not screwed, as the case may be.

Aussies don't like dem anal probes :p

Posts: 1548

So now Aussies are as screwed as Germans? At least they get to play the game. Aaaaand with mod support... ;)

Posts: 207

So what you're saying is if I actually want to play Saints Row 4, to buy an overseas copy that doesn't have Steam as a requirement.....not that I want to play Saints Row 4...I might just play 2 again...