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Saints Row 4 Can Get More Insane

By Merc23-04-2013

I know it's hard to believe but Saints Row 4 is already fit for a straight jacket, that is what we like about it right? So now if you preorder it, you can add fuel to the inferno by getting the Commander in Chief pre-order bonus. You will get the craziest weapon ever, it is called ‘Merica, and you would not want to be on the receiving end of this beast. After you get done mowing down groups of enemies with that devastating weapon, you can get dressed up in your Uncle Sam outfit and take to the skies in your Screamin Eagle jet. Did we mention that it has dubstep guns on it? Yeah we cannot wait for Saints Row to come out on August 20th.

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Posts: 3290

Oh, believe me, you ain't seen nothing yet.

They could hire me some day...

Posts: 123

Dubstep...guns? I didn't think this series could get any loopier. I stand corrected.