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Saints Force One Uses...The Force?!

By Bobfish23-05-2013

Clocking in at barely thirty seconds, you'd be forgiven for thinking there's nothing exciting in the latest Saints Row IV trailer. JK, you should be forced to spend eternity hanging out with Pierce! It's frikkin' Saints Row people! Which has now decided it wants to give you telekinetic powers. No, seriously, go watch the dance party, I mean video, I mean video dance party. With aeroplanes.

Dude, it's Saints Row. That's as much sense as I'm allowed to make. It's the law.

Or something.


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EA, because they have the rights to Star Wars. Get it? :D

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Saints Row: Purple Monkey Dishwasher.

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EA? Wut?

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Let's wait for EA to file for a lawsuit. xD

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Saints Row 4 is a must buy for me.

As for what IAmRuby said, the developers actually outright said once that Saints Row 1 was intended to be a game inspired by GTA but developed around being pure fun. However, like you say, it then evolved into being something so much more with Saints Row 2 and 3. I just hope 4 isn't a money grab attempt and has had enough work and time put into it.

Visually it looks just like Saints Row 3 and that worries me a bit.

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I love how it started off as something people saw as "oh it's trying to be GTA", but then it started evolving into a completely different beast!

SR4 looks to be taking everything that made The Third completely and utterly absurd (poet, didn't know it...) and just pushing it to realms of sheer crazy awesomeness!!!

Mechs, superpowers, aliens - this is going to be pretty fucking fun!