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Saga Saga Saga

By Doubleplus24-01-2014

Saga saga saga saga saga saga. saga saga? Saga. Saga saga saga saga saga!

Oh, excuse me. I'm just getting all the "saga" out of me and using the word "saga" as many times as I can before the word "saga" is completely illegal for anyone to use the word "saga"  because of King's trademark of the word "Saga." The latest in this SAGA of legal shenanigans involving King.com, makers of the Candy Crush SAGA, is that Stoic, makers of the Banner SAGA, have released a statement saying even though King.com, who are again makers of the Candy Crush SAGA, released a statement saying that they aren't trying to keep Stoic (Makers of the Banner SAGA) from making a sequel or SAGA to Banner SAGA, the number of legal issues they've been having would make a SAGA of itself.

I propose a game to my fellow writers, similar to the cat game from the movie Super Troopers. I say until the copyright silliness stop, we slip the words SAGA and candy into our news, reviews, and articles as many times as possible. Perhaps this will make an interesting SAGA of events. Game on?

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Posts: 3290

I'm sure this will all blow over soon enough *sagacious nod*

Posts: 166

I think this is just plain stupid, and hope the whole thing don't turn into a long SAGA.

Posts: 3290

I don't see King coming out of this as anything other th...I don't see King coming out of this

Posts: 297

This is beyond retarded.