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Sacred Runs To The Left

By Kelevandos18-04-2013

Are you waiting for Sacred 3 as much as I do? For all the fellow fans out there, I bring good news! Sacred Citadel is here! While nothing like any of the previous series games, it will sure wake some memories and will ease the waiting for the proper sequel.

Sacred Citadel is a side-scrolling slasher with comic graphics, designed for one to three person gameplay. While it may look as a typical game of the genre, it features truly intense combat, changeable weapons and astonishing visual effects! Fantastical enemies and enormous boss monsters surely promise a whole lot of fun.

I realise that not all like the Sacred franchise, as it is quite specific. But Citadel is a totally different game, one that I would surely like to try. And if I do, I will share my impressions with you!

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