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Sacred 3 Launches, Dubious Accolades Aplenty

By MrJenssen05-08-2014

After years of development and delays since the initial announcement way back in 2009, Sacred 3 is finally out. And with it, of course, comes a launch trailer that shoots accolades at you from left, right and center. "Everyone will find a favorite hero!" and "Destroy hordes of monsters for glory!" Most of them are strangely cut out of context, and there's probably a reason for that.

The game looks colorful and frentic enough, but if you check out the ratings bar on the video above, its comment section, and just about every video, article and user review from people that have had a chance to play the game so far, you'll find that the general consensus seems to be, well, it's not Sacred. I'm inclined to agree, as I'm currently wrapping up my own review for the game. Genre changes are prone to happen to niche franchises, but there's something else about Sacred 3. Something fundamental that just seems to irk players. I won't spoil the fun, you'll just have to wait for our full review before you find out. Or you could go watch some gameplay videos and see it for yourself.

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