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Russian Kombat (Updated)

By Bobfish26-03-2015

Okay, stay with me here. We have a new Mortal Kombat video, focusing on the Shaolin and confirming Lii Kang's presence. For some reason, it's been made exclusive to Maxim Russia for the time being...and Sub-Zero talks?!


Now, I admit, I don't really follow Immortal Wombat anymore. Nor did I ever pay all that much attention in the begtinning either. And yes, I was there for the original. But Sub-Zero has always been my favourite character, I've played most of the games, seen the films and, even, watched some of the cartoon (lol!) but I do not, at any point, remember him talking. So, yeah.


Anyway. Liu Kang. As well as some other Shaolin monky (as in, monk like, not simian) type peoples. This news was so warmly received, that the Houston Rockets even put on a Borstal Fruitbat skit at one of their games. Okay, well, the two events may not be entirely linked, shh. But it is a genuine Cortical Tomcat skit, and it's pretty fun all the same. Check it out below.

Update: English version has now been released. It's the same video, just...English text.


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