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RuneScape 3 Announced

By Mokman25-03-2013

Yes, some of you young'uns may be going "Rune-what?", but this is indeed big news. RuneScape, though admittedly not as well-marketed nor as prolific as the other industry heavy-hitters out there, has been hanging around the MMORPG corner for quite a while, and with good reason. It's easy accessibility, intense economy and rustic charm has garnered it a powerful, loyal fanbase, one that has kept it up and running till now. And it seems that they haven't just sustained it, but indeed empowered it to (according to Jagex Content Designer Mark Ogilvie), "the next LEVEL". Yes, RuneScape 3, as with RuneScape 2, is going to overhaul the entire game, running it in a brand new (still browser-based) engine, and changing a few minor aspects of the core game, while leaving the rest relatively untouched.

A smart move, in my opinion. Where many other MMORPGs may have tried to "innovate" through copying its betters, RuneScape seems to be sticking to its guns, or wands, and going with the tried and tested. What made it so popular still remains, albeit with even more content in the form of new adventures and story content, as well as various other bling such as more audio features and a new UI. Of course, the most important update is that of the graphics, utilizing a HTML5/WebGL based client to give us a drastic visual boost. Excited? Hear more about the upcoming change in the trailer.

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