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Run the Shadows of Dragons in February

By MrJenssen28-01-2014

Good news, everyone! If you're one of the many who loved the dense atmosphere, tight combat segments and strong story of Shadowrun Returns, you'll be happy to hear that a brand new campaign - titled Dragonfall - is inbound for release on February 27.

Okay, if you've been paying close attention to the project from day one, this might actually be bad news for you. The expansion pack - featuring a brand new storyline, new characters, enemies, locations and so forth - was originally set for release sometime in January, but has now been pushed back to ensure its quality. A recent Kickstarter update for the game has more details, along with the trailer I've embedded above.

"A few rough edges still remain, and we've decided to extend our polish and bugfixing time to ensure that we deliver a great Shadowrun experience."

The Dragonfall expansion is already available for pre-order on Steam, but take note that if you helped back the original Kickstarter project, you'll get a Steam key for the expansion for free once it is released. So hold your horses for now, noble backers! In the meantime, check out the trailer above, the screenshots below, and perhaps the new 1.2 beta patch that just hit. It supposedly improves on the game's save functionality.

"This version includes the new and improved Save Game functionality, including the ability to save in the middle of scenes, and a variety of fixes and improvements to the core game."

A complete changelog is available at the official forums in case you're interested. until next time, runners!

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