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Run! Escape! HTML5 Is Coming!

By Kelevandos07-05-2013

Now here is some news I can pour my heart into. Runescape, the MMO which brought me into the genre and will always remain the perfect representative of it for me, is about to enter a new stage coined Runescape 3. What is the meaning of this, you will ask? Let's see!

Well, first of all, Jagex is about to harness the full power of html5, making their flagship game look, sound and work better than ever! Those who have followed will understand what I mean by saying that it will be more Deamonheim-like and for the rest, I will simply say that you have never seen such a good looking and complex game in your browser! The above trailer makes me quite sure that RS3 will leave the competition far behind and if things like the free camera are going to be available to the players, the game will be able to meet the big client-based titles on the battleground of awesomeness!

While all excited, I could not let this post go without some well-earned bitterness. As a veteran citizen of Gielinor, I have seen the land change many times, often for the better, but not lately, with additions like the Squeal of Fortune, Solomon's Store or the Loyalty Points. Jagex took a series of controversial steps in the direction of cash-leeching games the internet is full of; leaving the loyal fans like myself unsure of what will come next. I have to admit I gave the game up some time ago, seeing how the things I worked hard to obtain may now quite literally be bought with cash. But now, seeing the improvements, I may as well return to the land of my childhood, hoping it was not completely devastated by the Dark Force of Mar-Ket-In'.

Runescape is a huge part of the history of the MMO genre and gaming in general. It deserves attention simply for this fact and if it is truly going to undergo such improvements... Well, here goes sir_Lance55! Free itemz plz?

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