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Rumors of Prey 2

By Fr33Lanc3r.00701-06-2013

Prey 2 is one of those games that the rumor mill runs on. Originally developed by the creators of the original IP, 'put on hold' by Bethesda, scrapped at a still unknown point in its development, and there's been little heard since. Until now that is, with the fansite Alien Noire reporting rumors of a handover of the game to Dishonoured developer Arkane Studios, and that this handover is marking an enforced scrapping of the reportedly full game that Prey 2 was, so that Arkane can develop it in the Dishonoured Engine.

Apparently Bethesda had been looking for another dev for a while, since the rumor article mentions them contacting Obsidian and Rebellion to take over development of Prey 2 - both of whom refused for unknown reasons. At time of writing there hasn't been an official response from Bethesda, other than the usual 'We don't answer questions about rumors' line that everyone throws around.

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I think the concept was really cool, hopefully they can flesh it out into a fully fledged game.

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Maybe it's all they had?

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You can't logic

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JESUS! The gameplay shown a few years ago looked so goddamn brilliant, why would anyone one to scrap it?!