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RUMOR: Amazon Has Invested in Crytek

By zethalee08-04-2015

Last year, despite the somewhat recent release of gorgeous but lacking Crysis 3, it was well-reported that Crytek had fallen on hard times. With missing several salary payments, large numbers of staff members leaving, and a high turnover rate among new hires, this all eventually led to the studio shedding Homefront 2 and its office in Nottingham, with rumors swirling about the future of the studio altogether. However, the studio is clearly still in business, and survived the financial turmoil, despite no news about how it survived the ordeal.

Then, about a month ago, in an interview with Develop, Faruk Yerli revealed that, instead of securing funding via traditional investment firms, "the injection of money had come from a new licensing deal that it had been working on for a 'long time'." At the time, Faruk remained shy on the details, as he offered up that "hopefully we'll be able to announce it with the partner soon."

And now, Kotaku appears to have learned through various anonymous sources that the partner in question was none other than online retail giant Amazon. Though there's no word from the developer yet, the figures given by the sources quote the deal at 50, possibly even 70 million USD. In addition, Amazon acquired Kim Swift, designer for Portal, and Clint Hocking, designer for Far Cry 2 some time ago, alongside veteran games writer Erik Nylund about a year ago. Might this mean that Amazon is looking to develop and produce its first game? Only time will tell.


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