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Rome II Weekly Updates

By Bis18marck7004-09-2013

After receiving a ton of positive feedback from reviewers, The Creative Assembly decided that the story of Total War: Rome II is not yet over and respond to the problems mentioned by the critics. Having analyzed the response from the community, the developers have vowed to bring out weekly patches tackling hardware related issues and low-res 'washed-outness' of the graphics – also mentioned in our review – and other gameplay related issues such as the AI that seems to try hard, but ultimately fails.

"As announced last month, we are planning to tweak the balancing, AI routines and other features now that we're getting real-time metric feedback from thousands of players. The result is that the first update to the game will drop this Friday, with the intention to update the game on a weekly basis in the immediate future."

This Friday then will see the first of the many patches and mini-updates that are planned. Head over to the Support forum if you are experiencing troubles as many issues have already found fixes there.

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@Jenssen. My load-times are actually fine, they aren't instant but I don't wait longer than with other Total Wars. The performance/quality ratio is not ideal however, as you said and as for the UI/gameplay - people always hate change.

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St5iull a better love story than Twilight

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Good! The way the game is now, it's hardly more than a 3/5 in MY book! Blurry and unappealing graphics, bad performance, unintuitive and backwards UI, certain gameplay elements are "dumbed down", and the load times - MOTHER OF GOD THE LOAD TIMES!

Fix this damn thing, CA! FIX IT NOW!