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Rome II Vs Company of Heroes 2 Valentine’s Massacre

By acharris7714-02-2014

Let's get ready to rumble...here is the battle that we have all been waiting for, which they said would never happen. Steam will be hosting the fight, in which Relic's Company of Heroes 2 players will square off against Creative Assembles Total War: Rome II community. The promotion, Suitable named Make War not Love, will see the winners earn their choice of game and some brand-new DLC for five days.

Started 10:00 am February 13, battle have been raging, which each in-game victory gets counted towards a total tally. The players involved can keep track of who is topping the event by visiting the make love not war website (www.makewarnotlove.com) till the contest comes to its climax February 17 10:00 am. If you want to follow all the trash talk on twitter, then @companyheroes and @totalwar is where it is at.

And also for the weekend, both titles will be available on Steam for 50% off as part of the promotion. So lock the door, relax, slip into something comfortable, and take your hand off your joystick guys and get playing. If Rome II wins the event then Beasts of War, the latest DLC pack, will be available free for five days. Should Company of Heroes 2 land a lucky blow, then two new multiplayer commanders will be available for the 5 days free of charge. Both available via Steam.

Craig Laycock, Community Manager for Total War at a recent weigh-in said.

"Company of Heroes? More like Company of ZEROES, am I right? Their dreams will fall apart like a poorly-maintained M4 Sherman, rusting at the seams, and it'll be Total War players that confine them to the scrap heap."

Of course this prompted a response from COH2 Community Manager, Jeffery Simpson saying,

"The only people dreaming here are the Total Bore team. Even a poorly maintained M4 Sherman would bust through the flimsy armor of a bunch of prissy Roman Legions. Doesn't matter how many swords you bring to this gunfight, you're going down."

So there we have it, this should be a good weekend, and there will be plenty of virtual blood spilt. I hope that Rome 2 wins, as those romans are the underdogs with their choice of weapons, and I do like an underdog. Do you have a favourite? Please do let us know below.

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Posts: 1317

Oh it has already gotten the patch treatment. But patching an ocean isn't easy, no matter how many rubber patches and how big your tube of glue is. The very fundations of this game are just... broken.

Posts: 3290

It will be patched...eventually...we think

Posts: 9

I love the Total War series but haven't heard many good things about Rome 2. Might as well go for it.

Posts: 1317

Two meh games for the price of one!