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Rome II - The Iceni are Coming

By Leigh Cobb01-02-2013

Creative Assembly have detailed the latest faction for Total War: Rome II, the Iceni. Known better to you as the ancient era Brits, an Iron Age tribe inhabiting southern Britain.

Described by CA with three simple words, "Iron, conquest, pride" the Iceni are depicted in the game as being "far from simple barbarians, the Iceni have established a capital, known as Venta Icenorum, as well as large religious centres. Although based on agriculture, their economy is sophisticated – they even mint their own coins. Their culture, craft and wealth are illustrated in the form of fantastic gold torques and other jewellery worn by their nobles."

I always like playing as Britain/England/the UK/the Iceni in strategy games when available, not just because I am British. Most of the time they have an advantage in games of these nature in that there is a natural sea border protecting them, allowing them to plunder from the isles at will, or defend easily as necessary. In gameplay terms for Rome II however:

"As a playable faction, The Iceni are brave and warlike; invoking the goddess Andraste as they charge into battle drives them to even greater feats of valour. Their expertise with iron makes the resource a particularly effective form of income for the tribe, as does their skill at raiding and looting. And as a warrior society, the happiness of the people increases with every fresh declaration of war.

The Iceni have the potential to dominate the Iron Age tribes of Britain. Beyond their shores lie Celtic Gaul and Iberia... can the Iceni unite them all under their banner? "

The Iceni are the fourth faction that have been detailed for Rome II, the preceding ones being Rome itself, Carthage and Macedonia. Personally I'm looking forward to every bit of info about this game.

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That's a very ignorant point of view you have there, boss.

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@Bis you mean barbarians?

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Where are ze Germans?