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Rome II PR On Crack

By Bis18marck7022-08-2013

Sometimes, the guys in the PR department come up with some brilliant ideas on how to market their game. Sometimes, you just wonder what kind of substances they are on. This is one of these cases.

You see, someone thought that nothing would be better than sending some stereotypical skinny gamer dudes in the service of Rally Point, to an attack dog training ground where they have to attempt to unbox the Collector's Edition of upcoming title, Total War: Rome II, while being chased down by trained dogs. It's a massacre.

One can argue about tastes and so forth, but this little marketing is as peculiar as much as it fails to actually show what's in the bloody box. At least the dog seems to enjoy ripping nerds to shreds. Good boy!

What's next, Creative Assembly? Flaming pigs? Elephants?

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Posts: 1317

Luckily, my pre-ordered CE box doesn't come with an attack dog.

Posts: 3290

Good boy...Waggy?

They called an attack dog WAGGY?!?