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Rome II Introduces Pontus...As DLC

By JcDent26-04-2013

As a move that can only be described as "needlessly dickish", Creative Assembly introduced a ninth faction that will partake in Total War: Rome II campaign. The Hellenic nation of Pontus will be available...once you download a free day one DLC on Steam. This is a logical move on their parts because...I don't know, Pontus is going to a day two DLC for pirates anyways, so why do it?

Anyways, Pontus is both Hellenistic and Persian and it mixes the two together. This means the strength of the faction lays in ships and infantry. Perfect, because these are the kinds of units I like to use in TW games!

We'll see what's crackin' when the game is released. I wonder if they'll introduce more countries though.

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Posts: 1317

I think it's a sort of anti-piracy measure. Makes it more cumbersome and inconvenient for those who pirate the game. I really don't see any problem with this for legitimate buyers. It'll likely be a 50mb patch at the most.

Posts: 241

Why not just add it into the game now? Why does it need to be a download?

Posts: 1317

Day-one DLC done right... ?