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Rome II Goes All Halloween

By PeterChi31-10-2013

Creative Assembly have launched a blood and gore pack for Total War: Rome 2 today which adds (can you guess?) blood and gore to their mammoth of a game.  Check out the spooky trailer above. The pack comes at £1.99/$2.99 on Steam.  Creative Assembley released a similar pack for  Total War: Shogun 2 last year, so this pack was expected to come at some point, what with the Roman Gladius lending itself so well to the odd severed limb.

Some players are complaining that the blood and gore pack should really have been part of the game on release, and I find it hard to disagree with them.  Can you imagine Mortal Kombat releasing without blood and then asking you to pay more to unlock it?

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I'm with XiDiO too on this. Soon we will have to buy textures as this is basically paying for effects.

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I agree with the Xidioman, it's pretty ridiculous that they're charging for this. Every developer with some fucking self respect that actually host Halloween events (like Valve with TF2, Tripwire with Killing Floor and now Overkill with Payday 2) use the opportunity to give something BACK to the community, not to try and nickel-and-dime their way to some more income.

In short: Scumbags, CA! You're fucking scumbags.... I'll probably buy it sometime down the line still, though... -.-

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HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH and ofcourse you gotta pay for it, like with shogun.. lmao