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Rome 2: Total War - Ancient D-Day

By Bis18marck7019-10-2012

Carthage burned back in the Ancient times but it took many years until this mighty city fell to the forces of Rome. Rome 2: Total War has released quite a few screenshots until now depicting this epic clash and now they have released another goodie. Landing on the beaches of Carthage, the player will be able to command this naval assault of the old days in combined sea and land assault.

Breaking down the lines between the Navy and Army, new tactical options will be available for the player and add strategical depth to the game. A well as that, a Birdseye view will be added to the game to help orientation on the battlefield although actual control will be limited in this view. Other than the previous games, huge cities will feature numerous victory points to prevent a plaza cluster massacre often seen in the previous games.

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Looking pretty damn amazing. Can't wait for the game.... But I'm not going to give them a single penny before they have proven that they've fixed the synchronisation-issues once and for all. Shogun 2 was a fucking ripoff in this regard. A fraud.