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Romancing a Cinematic Dragon

By Bobfish15-10-2013

Speaking to Gamerzines recently, Dragon Inquisition's Cinematic Director, Jonathan Perry, gave some thoughts on, shockingly, the cinematic aspects of the game. Specifically how he wanted to see romance played out in the upcoming title. The surprising thing is that he's pushing for a move away from adult content, to more mature.

Now, that may sound like splitting hairs, and it is really, so allow me to elucidate. As he laments, the choices made with the first game, to make the sex scenes more explicit, was not the best approach they could have taken. Rather, Mister Perry wants to see things taken in a more genuinely mature direction. Not just some cheap titilation, but a deeper, more developed romance flowing organically through the entirety of the arc. Because, let's face it, good as BioWare are at plot, they suck donkey balls at writing believeable romance. Voliton hit the nail on the head with their homage.

"Hey Kinzie, wanna' fuck?"

That's pretty much exactly how it goes in BioWare games. Or rather, how it has gone thus far. Now, at least one of their staff, they want to take things in a more consistently mature direction. Reflected both in visual presentation and narrative flow. How it will all turn out...well, that remains to be seen. But it's nice to know that at least some of them, finally, have the right idea.

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If they aim to actually make it more realistic instead of cliche ways of interacting, it would be a little more interesting.