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By Bobfish20-06-2013

The Deadpool game has flown mostly under the radar at Pixel Judge. A lot of that has to do with it seeming like a console exclusive for much of its development time. But when this charming young lady was spotted in the cast list, we felt it was high time we mentioned it again. Ain't that right sugar? Sporting a curious new look, the sweet Southern Belle from Mississippi (try saying that five times fast!) is making her way into the latest action fest. The poor thing. She must be extremely glad of that complete invulnerability she picked up along her travels with Deadpool around. The merc with a mouth does have a great knack for attracting havok.

She joins several other fan favourites making cameos. Along with, of course, Wolverine other confirmed guest appearances are Cable, Domino and the lesser known Psylocke. And we can be sure is far from an exhaustive list. There have been no villains mentioned yet. There have to be a few of them in there right? But who? I'll leave the theorising to you hon.

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Posts: 3290

What I've seen has potential. It looks to be keeping true to the tone of Deadpool. Gameplay itself is nothing exciting, it's just kill stuff and kill more stuff. But it's Deadpool. It's not what he does. It's what he does whilst he's doing it that makes him so entertaining

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It'll likely be decent if there is some coverage of gameplay and such, otherwise it could turn out to be complete crap.

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This game could turn out to be awesome. Then again. Activision...