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Roberts Space Industries - Rainmaker

By Bis18marck7012-10-2012

Roberts Space Industries, the new studio of Chris Roberts has sent out a mail to all subscribers detailing how already $455.590 have been raised for the project by 4.564 individuals. Apparently, one of the most desired rewards is the RSI Constellation, which you will receive if you back the project… with $250. Indeed, if you divide the pledged money between the backers, you’ll hit a figure just under $100 per fan. Lots of dedicated backers there then. With a ‘minimum’ rational backing of $30, which is kind of steep. As such, it’s hardly surprising that the average is higher than for most games.

Sadly for Chris Roberts’s ego, the pledging site crashed and remains down until now which put an end to the possibility of breaking crowd funding records with only the main website back up. If you’d want to know what all the fuss is about, well check out our News Special on the project and visit the site. Something truly amazing might be in the making.

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