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Road To Battlefield 4 Is Paved With Infantry

By JcDent10-08-2013

In their devblog (i guess) "Road to Battlefield 4", the makers of Battlefield 4 (hah! And you thought I'd be talking about some other game) decided to talk a little about classes, teamplay and "Levolution", the most stupid word to come out of this so far.

When you cut through all the crap that PR has to tell you, the old classes are still, but with vague talk about specialization (Assault with healing under barrel launcher? I have no idea). Now, the fun thing is the implementation of Field Upgrades. First seen in Battlefield 2142, these are various bonuses you get for acting as squad: squad heals, squad repairs, squad point taking, etc.. As far as I understand, they'll branch into a tree of upgrades that your squad will unlock the more...teamlike they play in the match. Awesome!

There's also something about this being closely tied to the commander, like him giving orders to the squad leader, him passing down orders to squadmates and squadmates running away because they want to get the tank. Or maybe not. Basically, people will be able to again try and orchestrate the player made Charlie-Foxtrot.

Also, Levolution (ugh). Exploding skyscrapers is fine and dandy (and feeds into truther's paranoia), but there's going to be more than that: shutting down lights in a building and hunting people with IR scopes, blocking paths for tanks and so on.

And exploding set pieces look real nice on their own, too!

Besides that, you can marvel at the fan entitlement in the comments.

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