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Road Rash's Spiritual Successor On Kickstarter

By MrJenssen13-04-2013

Ah, Road Rash. Those were the days, when videogames could just be violent and cruel without having to justify or apologize for it. Any of you remember this particular gem? Road Rash was a third person, "3D" motorcycle racing game that grew famous for its high focus on vehicular combat between you, the contestants and the police.

You'd start a race with your bike and helmet, fists and boots, but during races you'd often end up stealing other racers' bats and chains for greater knock-out power. Occasionally, the police would catch up to you, and a hell of a fight would ensue. All this while desperately trying to dodge all the things coming at you in the road and complete the race in first place. Needless to say, you'd more often than not end up with a wrecked bike or cuffs on your wrists without even getting close to finishing the race at all.

Road Rash was originally released in 1991 for the Sega Genesis, but was since ported to about a dozen other platforms. As a true PC gamer born and bred, I had my first experience with it when the PC version launched in 1996. This was one of the best versions of the game, with top notch graphics for the time, epic full motion live action cutscenes and the creepiest caricature images you'll ever see.

Road Rash had several ports and sequels, but the franchise died off later in the 90s, and the entire genre seemingly went underground with it. That is, until now. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you - Road Redemption.

This newly launched Kickstarter is for most intent and purposes, the only true spiritual successor to the old Road Rash today. According to developer DarkSeas Games, the goal of Road Redemption - if the Kickstarter is successful - is to resurrect that which died with Road Rash over a decade ago. The challenging combat, the insane speed, the uncontrollable evil laughter following a successful takedown, the frustration of being kicked into an oncoming car and seeing your body fly hundreds of meters away from your bike... In other words, the frantic fun that was Road Rash.

DarkSeas Games is a newly formed developer, but it consists of members with plenty of experience from a vast variety of games. From Gears of War to Epic Mickey. I think it's safe to say that the studio's got people from every corner of the gaming industry. Hopefully this will be reflected in the game they wish to bring us. Among new things they want to add to the formula, are modern physics, online multiplayer, firearms, game modes like Convoy Assault and Police Escape and Oculus Rift support!

So what are you waiting for? Get your wallets and start crying, because you're gonna plunk down a lot for this thing to get made. So get that second mortgage going, and I'll gladly meet you and your baseball bat on the highway!

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I believe the footage you see here is similar to the stuff we saw in Lord British's KS. It's just footage used for demonstration, not footage from the game (not even early pre-alpha).

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The visuals don't look that good but the gameplay has my attention.

Posts: 1317

Hmmm... think Road Rash could work on a modern PC? I would love to re-install it.

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I like it already

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'Nuff said