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Rising Star Lords

By MatthewJMimnaugh20-11-2013

Iceberg Interactive, responsible for publishing 5 other space based RTS/4X games, seems to be a developer favorite for the genre.  Cue Arkavi Studios, a Portugal-based dev team and their flagship game: Star Lords.  To be honest, the trailer looks a little lo-fi, the name is somewhat generic, and the animations clunky.  Even so, Arkavi seems to be focusing on QA first, putting the game through "extensive external QA testing" by veterans of the 4X gaming scene.  As far as most gamers in the genre are concerned, graphics take backseat (maybe even trunk) to balance and mechanics; hell, the Age of Empires II scene is still thriving for a reason.

That said, this is an alpha-based teaser for the planned December 2013 release; these type of games are slow burners, after all, and proof is in play.  Also, the screenshots look pretty interesting, hinting at some hex-based combat.  Arkavi used to go by Neogen2 Creations, a company with 10 titles under its belt, 8 freeware, 2 commercial.  This game is from an evolving company and one that seems to hold a real passion for their work, dialled into what fans of the genre want, like modding support, non-cheating AI, and customization.   Will the game be good?  Who knows?  But this is exactly the type of company, one of self-taught and audience-centered devs, gamers can't help but root for.

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