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Rise of the EXP Raider

By Bobfish12-08-2015

Well, at least this Gamescom demo takes place in an actual tomb. One that offers more challenge than a brief physics puzzle for some arbitrary reward that adds nothing to the overall game. Instead, it's a series of moving from one setpiece cutscene to another. Meanwhile, everything Lara does earns her more experience because...why not? I mean, seriously, she takes a few steps, cutscene. Climb up a ledge, +100 EXP. Jump to a platform, cutscene and EXP. Ooh, you're really mixing it up now!

If it sounds like I'm being really bitchy and nitpicky about this, it's because I am. Previous footage has, frankly, shown us a lot more about the game, and been a lot more interesting for it, no matter my personal feelings about the franchise's new direction. But this? It's a glorified cutscene with a few bits and pieces of faux 'interactivity' to make the player feel like they're really a part of it. Don't get me wrong, it looks quite pretty, and though there are some obvious FPS dips at several points, this is console footage so, sucks to be them.

Let's be honest here, this is nothing more than dick waggling to show off how dramatic! their game is. Which did them well in the first of the reboot series, so more power to them. But this simply is not for me. Where Tomb Raider 2013 had moments that I found enjoyable, it's clearly past time for me to recuse myself from continuing my support for it. It clearly is not for me.

The animations are really wooden too.

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