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Rise of Nations Sighted on Steam Database

By Mokman18-03-2013

Rise of Nations was a truly innovative RTS game, one that turned the whole genre around and integrated it with truly strategic elements, such as territory control and supply lines, which have lasted until today. Arguably the product of the golden age of RTS, created by Brian Reynolds, the creator of Civilization 2 and Alpha Centauri, may be coming to Steam as evidenced on Reddit.

True? Perhaps. But still, the release of this classic on a platform such as this would truly teach people what the meaning of a good strategy game is. Who knows, perhaps it may even trigger a resurgence in the genre as more people realize the complexity that is possible in a RTS. One can dream...

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This is really good to hear. The amount of time wasted playing this game via LAN with my flatmates and during LAN Arenas was crazy. I really do hope that it's not just a database insertion but more of a "yes it will come".

Oh great, more time to find in my busy schedule. xD

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Aw hell yes!