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Rise of Incarnates Announcement

By Spellbound22-04-2014

Bandai Namco announced their latest franchise, a game by the name of Rise of Incarnates. It is a free-to-play fighting game for the PC.

The game pits teams of two players each in a war-torn world, using the ruins of famous cities as its battle arenas. You will be able to run around, jump around, fly around, and generally dish out all sorts of punishment.

The lore of Rise of Incarnates states that the beings known as the Incarnates command supernatural powers drawn from mythological entities. Because of this, they are feared by the common man, which causes all sorts of trouble for these avatars of ancient gods and demons. The Wild Hunt, for instance, is an organisation devoted to hunting down rogue Incarnates. One day, however, a voice spoke out to all Incarnates, with the message: "To avoid certain destruction, you must defeat the Sovereign of this era."

The reaction to that was widespread destruction, as each Incarnate interpreted the message in their own way.

So far, four Incarnates have been revealed. The Frenchman, Dr Gasper Watteau, is the personification of the Grim Reaper, and his province is that of the undead. Terrence Blake is the Incarnate of Ares, the greek god of war, and can channel this being to summon an armoured creature called Deuteros. Mireia Valentin is an accomplished arms dealer who is the Incarnate of Lilith, and is a master at all manner of cutting and dicing. Finally, Jedrek Tyler, a newly-awakened Incarnate, hears the whispers of Mephistopheles in his head. He can transform into an infernal being that is completely at the whims of the demon, and will go berserk.

Rise of Incarnates is slated to release later this year for the PC. If you are interested in trying out the game before it releases, you can sign up for Alpha access at the official site of the game, at the bottom left of the page.

There’s also a comic you can read.


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