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Rise Against the Reich

By Toast08-03-2014

We've seen a few screenshots of what Enemy Front is deemed to be like, but we don't know all of the backstory leading up to it or amidst. In the latest trailer, is a gruesome end to some unfortunate Warsaw residents at the hand of their Nazi capturers. Be warned, it is a rather 'offensive trailer' but its nice for a change to leave little to the imagination of what really happened during the horrible second world war.

Release date is now slated for Summer 2014, but not solid release date is specified as of yet, but we'll keep you posted.

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Posts: 1317

Oh yeah, most definitely. I wasn't talking about the quality of the game. I was talking about the impact of the trailer, compared to the vibe given off by the gameplay footage we've seen so far.

Posts: 297

Well we can always give it a chance, I'd say at worst, it'll be decent.

Posts: 1317

A very emotional trailer, for what will likely turn out to be an incredibly dumb run-of-the-mill shooter.

Haven't we seen this happen before? Like, a million times already?